Use your Bar or Bat Mitzvah to make a difference on a global scale

For over 100 years, whenever a Jewish person has struggled, JDC has been there to help. Sometimes, we’ve given people wheelchairs or warm meals — the little things that allow those in need to live with dignity. Other times, we’ve made the impossible happen — freeing Jews from oppression or getting supplies to remote villages after an earthquake.

Today, we’re still doing all of those things, and more. We bring transformative technology to struggling farmers, give at-risk Israelis the skills they need to succeed, and use our century of experience to help Jews and non-Jews alike recover when disaster strikes. All over the world, we are saving Jewish lives, building Jewish life, and living Jewish values.

My JDC Mitzvah Project gives teens the power to become partners in the mission to save Jewish lives and build Jewish life all over the world.

Visit, call 1300 683 653, or e-mail as soon as possible to get going with your JDC Mitzvah Project!

How does it work?


1 Decide! Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah is already a life-changing moment, but you want to change the lives of Jewish people across the globe.
2 Explore! JDC helps people in 70 countries overcome poverty, disabilities, and loneliness, and rebound from disasters — find the work that speaks to you. Now’s a good time to reach out to the My JDC Mitzvah Project team. We’re always ready to help you discover your personal connection to JDC.

Check out these examples of how teens are using their milestone to impact the global Jewish community:

In Europe, many Jewish kids grow up with no connection to their heritage. That’s why Ari launched a JDC Mitzvah Project for Camp Szarvas, JDC’s amazing international summer camp in Hungary. “I want other Jewish kids to have experiences and learning opportunities like I’ve had, so they can also learn about their heritage and have the chance to practice Judaism, however they choose.”

Daniella supported JDC’s life-saving work caring for over 90,000 elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. “Some of my great-great-grandparents and great-grandparents were born in Russia, and if they had not immigrated to North America, they could have been in a situation where they required assistance from the JDC.”

For his JDC Mitzvah Project, Jax was inspired by his closest friend, Ethan, who has cerebral palsy. Jax asked his friends and family to donate to JDC’s Friends for Healthy Living program, which empowers Israelis with disabilities to live more fulfilling lives.
3 Get Set! Preparing to launch your campaign is easy: Personalize your My Mitzvah Project page, set your goal, add a picture. You’re ready to change the world!
4 Tell the World! Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, snail mail, tzedakah boxes, bake sales — all great tools to share why JDC’s work is important to you. The JDC Mitzvah Project team is always available to help you come up with creative, fun ways to spread the word and hit your goal.
5 Celebrate! Mazel tov on your Bar or Bat Mitzvah! On your big day, thank everyone for being a part of your JDC Mitzvah Project — and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.

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