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Going in to Bat for The Joint raises $2000

The Joint held its first ever “sporting fundraiser” on Sunday 18th February in Sydney when sixteen men came together to enjoy an afternoon of indoor cricket. “It was such a great opportunity to combine my passion for The Joint with my love of sport,” said Clive Levinthal who serves on The Joint’s board and who organised and hosted the event.

The event, which raised more than $2000 to support Jews living in hardship in remote corners of the globe, is the first of many planned across Sydney and Melbourne to engage new people in The Joint’s work.

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The Joint Closes 2017 with International Humanitarians Inspiring Thousands

Audiences across Sydney and Melbourne were mesmerised by veteran humanitarians Oksana Galkevich (Ukraine) and Amir Shaviv (USA) in December 2017 during their Spring Speaking Tour on behalf of The Joint. The impressive duo shared stories of The Joint’s ongoing efforts to rescue Jews in danger and provide massive scale welfare for thousands of Jewish families living in unimaginable poverty in more than 70 countries around the world.

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