Our Commitment

Every Jew deserves the chance to live with dignity and thrive Jewishly, connected to Jewish culture and community. That's what we do.

We help the world's neediest Jews. We empower all Israelis to be part of their country's success. We build Jewish life and leaders. And we use Jewish values to guide our response to global emergencies, like natural disasters and public health crises.

Wherever a Jew is in need, we are there, working in 70 countries, impacting lives from Moldova to Mumbai.

Why JDC?


103 Years

We’ve been at this since 1914. JDC has more than a century of experience helping Jewish communities worldwide.



JDC programs touch people — communities in crisis and Jews around the world -- on six continents.

Where We Work

A Resilient Jewish Community

Building Jewish Life & Leaders

Strengthening Jewish Identity

At this chaotic and critical moment in time, Jews around the world still choose to connect — or reconnect — to their cultural heritage. JDC makes it possible.

Food, Medicine, and Homecare

Helping the World's Neediest Jews

Living with Dignity

We partner with tens of thousands of Jews go to bed hungry every night, living in dilapidated apartments and struggling to make ends meet and secure a future.

Safeguarding Israel's Future

Empowering All Israelis

Opportunities for All

Israelis on the margins seek the chance to participate fully in the nation they love. We make it possible, increasing independence, opportunities, and support.

Disaster Relief

Responding to Global Emergencies

Vital Aid & Support

An earthquake. A tsunami. A civil war. A public health crisis. We’re on the ground to help as soon as natural disasters or other calamities strike.

Why Donate to JDC?

Proven Results

We’re a four-star Charity Navigator non-profit, with 89.1 percent of our total expenses spent on the services we deliver.

Your Impact

Just one donor can make a world of difference to Jews in need. It could be you.

Support JDC's Lifesaving Work

Jews in need around the world are counting on you. With your support, we'll make life better for vulnerable elderly and poor Jewish families, and we'll give Jewish communities around the world opportunities for connection and engagement.

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